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This EDH Database strives on QUALITY Deck Lists rather than quantity. We like to include links to Commander decks and articles created/written by Magic players/writers that have taken the time to talk about the commander or give some inside EDH Tech on how the deck works. We have purposely avoided links to EDH decks that have minimal information or are "in progress".

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Taigam, Sidisi’s Dollar General
on Hipsters of the Coast
Posted on Thursday September 20, 2018

Ryan revisits Dollar General and the Taigam, Sidisi's Hand deck he drew for the 1DH extravaganza at Grand Prix Minneapolis.

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Commander Showdown – Grenzo vs Alesha
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Nahiri Rebels
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Ryan takes the Nahiri Lightsaber challenge and brews up a fun Rebels Commander deck.

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EDH League: Game 1 Aftermath
on The CommandZone Blog
Posted on Saturday September 08, 2018

Game one of our EDH League has happened and this thing is now officially underway.

The first thing I will say is, we all agree there need to be some tweaks to the point system, but so far we have not come to a consensus on what exactly needs to change. One glaring oversight is that it is possible, with the list published previously, not to earn any points at all in a game. That's not cool.

Other things to consider are adding more achievements, so we will be more likely to get them - only one achievement other than killing players was earned in our first game - First Blood. I don't think the achievements are too hard as written. I came very close to getting Spellbook, and the Oberyn/Mountain situation almost happened TWICE. And of course with Planeswalkers as commanders the Real Ultimate Power point should be doable as well. Every one of us was basically one turn away from getting our ultimate at some point.

As an aside, I want to also talk about one of the more interesting ramifications of Planeswalkers-as-Commanders that I have noticed. Having 'Walkers in the command zone tends, in my experience so far, to slow the game down. Not because 'Walkers add a lot of complexity and decision-making - they kind of do but that doesn't add as much time as you'd think.

No, oddly enough, the main issue is that you spend a lot of the early games just trying to keep their loyalty in check. Those early creatures, the little 1/1 and 2/2 dorks you usually wind up just pinging whoever is open with? Yeah now those almost always wind up hitting a Planeswalker in the early-to-mid turns.That small, insignificant amount of damage actually adds up. When you have 4 players all running 'Walkers, it isn't uncommon to look around the table around turn 8 or so and see everyone still at 40 or very close to it. Because the game, up to that point, has very likely been all about attacking into and defending Planeswalkers.

Another factor is, if you are running a Walker as your commander, you are pretty well priced into running more defensive cards, or at least playing your creatures more defensively. Simply put, Planeswalkers have a LOT fewer life points than you do, and you'll often defend them more aggressively than you would your own life total. You'll be more likely to use removal on a creature attacking your 'Walker than you would if it were attacking you. You'll use sweepers more judiciously if the opposing armies threaten to overwhelm your other defenses. Your creatures will be more likely to hang back on blocking duty than they might otherwise be.

Yes, it seems very clear and indisputable to me that, at least in a casual setting such as this one, Planeswalker commanders lead to longer games. Whether you see that as a problem or not is up to you, of course. I'm just pointing out the effects, not making a value judgement. I will say, at least, that my back is not a fan of the longer games. I could barely walk after last night's game. But on the other hand, longer games lead to more opportunities for epic plays and achievement hunting.

Anyway, moving on, I will address whatever changes we make to our point structure later, once we hammer it all out together. For now, I'll let you all know that I took an early lead of 3 points, as I managed to kill everyone - and luckily did so while avoiding The Cersei penalty! We also kind of created a new acheivment on the spot, as my victory came on the heels of the Animatou player's very epic turn wherein they miracle'd a Terminus to wipe the board of creatures, then cast a Skullstorm with two copies! This reduced all our life totals to the single digits (save the Animatou player, though they were already pretty low regardless). I almost inadvertently killed two opponents with Retreat to Hagra and three Landfall triggers. This left only the Animatou player. For him, I had an Avenger of Zendikar and, if I recall, 16 plant tokens, each with three +1/+1 counters (courtesy of those landfalls I mentioned). He had an answer for the tokens, as it turned out, but the Avenger itself plus the Moldgraf Monstrosity I also dropped that turn, plus the Retreat to Hagra triggers was still enough to get the job done, and that was that.

So I got three points for killing everyone, but we all kind of felt like that Skullstorm play by the Animatou player was a huge factor in my being able to do that. So we awarded that player an assist point, and will be adding some sort of formalized achievement for that later.

But, now that the first game is over, that means we get to start making some edits to the decks! This is my favorite part, as you know. I've been thinking about this part a LOT. In fact I have made spreadsheets on Google Drive to try and map out my (theoretical) changes. "Nerd!"

Despite getting slightly flooded with lands last night I still think bumping the lands to 42 is worth doing, but I'm only going to 41 on the first round of swaps. I'm cutting 3 non-lands and 2 lands, to add in 3 lands and 2 non-lands. My intial plan was to just use the first batch of swaps to add in all 5 lands, but A) that's kinda boring and I can't wait to get some FUN cards in there, and B) I'm actually a bit worried about card-draw and flood-mitigation. Lord Windgrace is pretty damn close to being my only way to turn excess lands into other cards, and that could be a problem. So as I am increasing the land count, I also need to prioritize ways to draw and/or filter cards.

Before I get further into what I'm changing I want to talk about how I am reasoning through all my changes. To start with, I view the Nature's Vengeance deck as a midrange value deck. And to me, a midrange value deck has three fundamental parts to it - set up, engine, and pay off. In this particular case the "engine" is just lands. Lands in play, lands in hand, lands in the graveyard, and importantly, lands moving from one zone to the other. The set up is, mostly ramp. However, cards like Grisly Salvage are also set up. Any card that gets lands from our library into any other zone - hand, graveyard, battlefield - is set up. Payoff is all about turning that engine into a value generator and, later, a victory generator. In short payoff cards are those that reward us for doing whatever our engine wants us to do. Anything with Landfall or a similar effect would count, whether it just draws us cards or makes large beasts.

There are of course cards in the deck that don't fit into one of those three categories. In my view, any such cards that fall outside the setup/engine/payoff trifecta should be of the "utility" class. I.E. removal/ramp/draw, traditionally. However in this case ramp is part of our "setup" roster. And some draw effects may be part of the engine - Lord Windgrace for example. This means for our purposes here, utility probably just means draw and removal. So, anything that isn't utility but also doesn't fit somewhere in the land-driven engine almost certainly gets replaced.

But where do we focus our immediate attention? Well, you gotta eat your veggies, so we need to get the boring ol' lands in as soon as we can, of course. But my early impressions of the deck so far tell me that the deck is mostly okay at set up, HIGHLY reliant on Windgrace for the engine, and mediocre to okay at payoff. Let's break them down one by one.

Setup - deck has plenty of ramp. Not all of it is top-tier ramp, but whatever. We can manage. Also has ways to get lands into the 'yard via Windgrace and stuff like Grisly Salvage. One area it's weaker in is land-recursion - getting them out of the graveyard and into our hand or onto the battlefield. This is something we will need to address for sure but isn't urgent.

Engine - as I said, you've got Windgrace's +2 and not a whole lot else, really. He's great and all, but you can't rely on your commander alone. He will get removed, and the better the deck gets at doing it's other things, the more likely people will be to kill him. This makes adding some more engine cards the highest priority, in my estimation. 

Payoff - This deck has a few stellar payoff cards - Avenger of Zendikar, Rampaging Baloths, Lavalanche. And it has some mediocre ones - Flameblast Dragon, Centaur Vinecrasher, Scute Mob. Probably some outright bad ones as well. However, for now, I am less worried about quality than quantity. I think Scute Mob and Flameblast Dragon are resonable cards if you have sufficient threat density overall.

So, my approach will be to start by cutting anything that isn't in either utility or one of the three categories outlined above - the "do nothings" as I like to call them. To replace them I will be adding cards from these categories, with the "engine" cards being my first priority. Until I'm able to really up the threat density and power level of the deck, I need to be able to reliably DIG through my library for what I need. I need to be able to find lands reliably but have ways to convert excess lands drawn into other resources.

However, there is another factor at play that may influence how we build this deck - the achievements/penalties system! The thing we have to consider here is: do we want to just build this deck to focus primarily on winning and just take potshots at achievements as opportunity presents, or do we want to try to build around some of the achievements to make racking up points easier? We also have to consider penalties and avoid building our deck in such a way that we'll lose points just for doing what it wants to do.

The first and most prominent example to highlight what I mean is this - you'll notice there is an achievment for getting all three of the deck's possible commanders into play at once. But in my deck, my two alternate commanders are, as far as I'm concerned, in that "do-nothing" category and I really want to cut them. But I have to consider that, if I do cut them, I'll be cutting myself off from ever earning this point. The question is just one of how I expect to earn points and what I think will net me the most points at the end of it all.

Luckily those are questions I don't absolutely have to answer right now. Instead I have spent my energy categorizing all the non-land cards by function. Every card has been defined as setup, payoff, utlity, or do-nothing (engine cards are basically just our lands, because the real engine of the deck isn't actually a card or class of cards, but the action of moving lands around). Again the do-nothings are just those cards that are not utility - draw or removal, basically.

Surprisingly, to me at least, the do-nothing category only yielded 12 cards. This deck has a lot of ramp and removal, it turns out; though some of it is quite bad. And, there are some cards here that I quite like and would prefer to keep around. Xantcha, for instance, is not on-theme nor is she utility (in the strictest sense), so technically she belongs here. But I find that she can be quite good at pressuring early planeswalkers. In last night's game she has been instrumental in keeping 'walkers off their ults.

One class of cards I can't wait to dump, on the other hand, are the lieutenants. I like the lieutenant ability and I like these cards in the right decks. The green one seems fine in a +1/+1 counter focused deck like Atraxa, while the red one is fine in the Saheeli precon. I might run the black one in a Zombie deck but not even sure he'd make the cut there. But in this deck, none of them are on theme, none of them play into the deck's strengths. The green one I can almost see, as it seems good with Wurm Harvest but there just aren't enough token producers overall, really. This isn't really a go-wide deck. It CAN do so, but it's not a mainstay of the deck, and when it does finally go wide, the counters seem to feel both too slow and unnecessary.

So they have to go, for sure. As mentioned earlier, Thantis and Gyrus don't fit the deck well either, but I'm thus far unsure if I want to cut them or keep them solely for that one achievement. Fury Storm is just hella cool and I want to keep it. It can do some awesome things - I've already double-copied Animatou's Augury in a previous game. That was neat.

Emissary of Grudges and Reality Scramble are both new cards, and I hate cutting new cards. They're both cool cards as well. But they do not really fit the deck theme at all, so I feel they have to go.

Finally we have the very odd suite of recursion cards that, frankly, don't make much sense either. I love recursion and I think we probably want some in this deck, perhaps even more than what is in already. But not these specific recursion cards: Stitch Together, Soul of Innistrad, Charnelhoard Wurm and Moldgraf Monstrosity. Now, some of these cards are good. Some might even be okay in this deck. But none really scream "Lands Matter" do they? Nah. One or two might end up not being cut, but they're all at least on the chopping block for now.

What we really need, though, is something like Crucible of Worlds or Splendid Reclamation. It's absurd to me that there aren't some effects like this in the deck already, even if they were bad versions! WTF, Wizards? Get your shit together.

Ahem. So, we've identified the most egregiously off-theme cards and I've also kind of taken note of some of the on-theme cards in other categories that I think are just weak-ass versions of what they do. All of the other categories have a smattering of cards that do what they need to do, but perhaps not as efficiently or as powerfully as they need to do them. It is clear that we will have room after all to make some improvements to those ares, but initially I am more concerned with getting as many of those off-theme do-nothings out of here as fast as possible. That will make the deck more focused and consistent, which should help compensate for the power level of the weaker cards.

And, as mentioned, we need more engine cards badly - card draw is especially valuable to me at this point.

So, after taking into account that considerable wall of text I just wrote plus some other things I just didn't have room to squeeze in, I have come up with my first five swaps.

Bloodstained Mire
Wooded Foothills
Verdant Catacombs
The Gitrog Monster
Tireless Tracker

Haunted Fengraf
Warped Landscape
Loyal Apprentice
Loyal Guardian
Loyal Subordinate

The cuts are probably easy to parse. I already expressed my strong dislike of the Loyal cycle in this deck, as they are all way off theme. The lands surprised me a bit, as I expected to be cutting ETBF-tapped lands here, but I just really hate these two lands and I don't think they're good. Right now, games don't seem to be fast paced enough to really worry about a few lands entering tapped, so I just went with the two crappiest colorless lands in the deck.

With these changes, our land count is now up to 41, and I said we needed engine cards to smooth draws. Gitrog and Tireless Tracker both fit this role. Tracker is also kind of a payoff card as he can get huge off playing lands, but we're more interested in those clue tokens. Clues are card draw and that's what we want but I have some ideas that might make them pay off in other ways too, but we'll see if those plans come to fruition or not.

Gitrog is obvious as well. He's primarily an engine as he converts lands into card draw, has sick synergy with our commander, and he's just an undercosted beatstick that can help us keep enemy 'Walkers in check.

For the next two round of cuts, my expectation is that I will swap out one more land and a non-land for the two cycling duals from Amonkhet and add in one hell of a haymaker payoff card. Having not only won my first game of the league but gotten all three kill points, I think my plan is to focus on earning points through winning/killing people, and making other achievements a secondary consideration.

I just typed a LOT of fucking words to tell you what 5 cards I was swapping out. Jeez. But now that I've laid the groundwork by explaining all our rules, as well as my thought process on how I'm approaching this, I think further articles will be shorter. I hope.

EDH League Deck: Nature's Vengeance
on The CommandZone Blog
Posted on Saturday September 08, 2018

Hey there, folks. My last post announced and explained the EDH league system my playgroup is running as an experiment. I went over the structure and points, etc. Today I will talk a bit about the way we're handling upgrades and changes to our decks and I'll talk specifically about the deck I'm going to be playing in this league.

We are going to be playing our first league game with completely unmodified lists, straight outta the box. But after each game we will have a specific number of changes we can make. Since we opted for an eight game run for our first outing, that means we have seven chances to tweak the lists - no point after game eight as the league will be over at that point, and everyone will be free to go hog wild on changing or scraping their respective decks.

We want a good balance of changing enough to matter but not changing too much too fast. At first I was shooting for about 20 cards total to be changed, but then I realized that some of these decks really need a bit of attention in the land department and it would be hard to make appreciable changes to the mana base AND the functional parts of the deck and make everything work.

25 changes feels a little more reasonable. That's still only 25% of the deck overall and you can easily change around 5 lands to make the mana run a little smoother, while still having a good chunk of cards to put into the main deck.

So for after the first game, with the stock lists is over, we'll all be able to change 5 cards. After each subsequent game, we will change 3 cards at a time, except after the 5th game, where we will get one more 5 card swap. By the time we go into the 8th and final game, 25 cards will have been swapped.

Now let's talk about the fun stuff. I was lucky enough to get one of the two decks I most wanted - Nature's Vengeance, the Jund "Lands Matter" deck headed by Lord Windgrace. I'd have been cool playing any of the 4 decks but this is the one I wanted most so I am happy it worked out that I could claim it!

Of course part of the idea of this is to fine tune the deck as I go. It's always best to use real playtest date to optimize rather than theorycraft. However, it is also very possible to overcompensate or overreact to a single game experience. Maybe the deck has a good amount of removal but one game I just don't draw enough and so I burn 3 card swaps jamming answers when I really didn't need too, in the grand scheme of things. For this reason I want to have something of a road map to help me make these incremental cuts without getting lost in the weeds and mucking things up.

As it happens I have already played a handful of games with these precons with my playgroup. I've played a few with this very deck and I've played against it a few times as well. So I already have some actual gameplay data to back up my theoretical cuts and additions. Furthermore, I've played a number of land-oriented decks in the past including Karametra, Gitrog and Omnath. So I feel confident I can map out at the very least a GUIDE to help me make swaps, but I will of course leave things open to improvisation and inspiration based on the games I play throughout the league.

Starting off I know I have a grand total of 25 card slots to play around with. I also know that I want to goose the land count just slightly. In my previous games one thing I did take note of was that I really like using Windgrace's +1 but only if I have a spare land to discard. But while playing, I often found I was only holding a single land and, if I wanted that sweet, sweet card advantage I had to choose between pitching it to Windgrace to draw 2, or making my land drop for the turn. Of course if my land count is sufficiently high enough I would A) have to make that choice less, and B) when I DO have to make that choice I can be more confident that pitching my only land to draw two has a high chance of yielding another land so I can still make my land drop.

At the same time I don't want to go too high as I'm not likely to have room for a whole ton of pure draw and card selection with only 25 slots to work with. The precon starts at 40 lands so I think I probably just want to nudge it up to 42 lands. I think I had 43 or 44 in my Gitrog deck but that was also a more tuned deck overall. 42 probably gives us a good, steady stream to both pitch to our commander AND make consistent land drops, but won't flood us out too often. And of course we want to just improve the man quality as well, so we will need to dedicate a few swaps to switching out some of the worse lands with better ones.

Even in a Lands Matter deck, the mana base is still not the most exciting thing to spend swaps on so I'm probably looking at 5 land swaps. 2 of those will be non-land spells getting swapped for lands to give us our desired increase in land count. Then we can remove 3 of the weaker lands for 3 better ones. This leaves 20 more non-land cards to swap in.

The list of cards I want to add in is almost certainly going to be longer than the list of cards I want to take out (or CAN take out, as per the guidelines of this league experiment). For this reason, I think it best to start by identifying cards we'd consider removing. THEN we can worry about what to replace them with. That way we can kind of try to swap like for like where possible or at least keep our swaps on curve.

Now, ideally, I'd prefer to avoid cutting cards that are either new or on-theme. So we'll keep that in mind as a guideline but not a strict rule. Especially since I can already tell you, in this deck, a lot of the new cards are decidedly not on-theme, unfortunately. There are also some thematic cards that fit, but are weaker that other options. For example I'd dearly love to ditch Farhaven Elf in favor of Wood Elves, or upgrade the so-so  Far Wanderings for the always-reliable Kodama's Reach. If I had carte blanche to change all I wanted, I would definitely make those swaps.

But I have to spend my swaps wisely and so, I'm not so sure the power level difference between Wood Elves and Farhaven Elf is big enough to warrant spending one of my 25 precious slots! Still, if we earmark a card to be cut and then it winds up performing well... well then I may have some room to make a few small utility upgrades after all.

With that in mind, here is the list of cards that I think have a high potential for being replaced:

Centaur Vinecrasher
Loyal Guardian
Baloth Woodcrasher
Loyal Subordinate
Soul of Innistrad
Loyal Apprentice
Emissary of Grudges
Flameblast Dragon
Xantcha, Sleeper Agent
Gyros, Waker of Corpses
Zendikar Incarnate
Thantis, the Warweaver
Charnelhoard Wurm
Grapple with the Past
Far Wanderings
Consign to Dust
Hunting Wilds
Stitch Together
Ruinous Path
Reality Scramble
Fury Storm
Grisly Salvage
Deathreap Ritual
Savage Twister
Gaze of Granite

The astute reader will note that this list is 27 cards long and indeed contains a fair few cards that are either thematic or newly printed. This is simply a list of cards I can see an argument for cutting. Some I simply think there are more powerful options for the same effect, while others are just effects we probably don't want at all.

If I stick to the 42 land plan I outlined above, that means five of the above cards will definitely not be cut. And if one of the cards I did NOT name in the list above turns out to be a lemon, then even more cards could get pardoned. Again, I plan to leave room for improvisation based on gameplay. For instance Gaze of Granite has already almost single-handly won me one game. If it keeps performing well, obviously I will elect to keep it in the deck.

As I mentioned before, the list of cards I want to ADD is even longer than the list of cuts above. But I'm not going to spoil them just yet. Many of my choices will likely be predictable and you can probably guess a high % of the cards I'm considering - but even I don't know which ones will actually wind up making it in.

I can tell you that I have at least identified the 5 lands that I will be adding in:
Bloodstained Mire
Wooded Foothills
Verdant Catacombs
Canyon Slough
Sheltered Thicket

Originally I wanted the three fetches and the three shocklands but I couldn't quite make 6 land-swaps work. Then I remembered the fetchable duals with cycling that were printed in Amonket. Convenient that there are only two of those in our colors - I could not bring myself to run only two shocks when three options exist. I'm too much of a completionist and perfectionist to tolerate that. But if I have no choice, say, because the third land in the cycle doesn't exist yet? Well I guess I can live with it then.

It's nothing too groundbreaking. Fetchlands and Cycling Lands are already in the deck - these are just better ones of those. And you can be sure that I will be adding more cards that will add to these land-oriented synergies. But more on that to come later. For now, that's all I've got.


EDH Precon League Experiment 2018!
on The CommandZone Blog
Posted on Thursday September 06, 2018

Within my playgroup, our overall excitement and interest in Magic has waned somewhat over the last couple of years. This applies in varying degrees to everyone, myself included. I like to think I'm probably still one of the more faithful Magic devotees among our circle but the long gaps in content on this here blog may seem to tell a different story.

At any rate, I cannot deny that for me Magic has taken a backseat to other interests as of late. But now I feel like that is all on the verge of turning around. Magic itself is again becoming compelling and fun after a run of less than stellar sets and products. And I'm simply coming to miss the game after those "other interests" have started to lose their hold on me. 

Dominaria and Battlebond were simply stellar sets for the Commander player, and while this year's actually Commander release has gotten a lot of flack from fans (some deserved, some not so much), anyone who's actually given the decks a fair chance ought to know that they decks are still quite fun despite their shortcomings, perceived or otherwise.

The normal process with the Commander precon decks is, we generally play them as-is for about one weekend at best, maybe even one night, before we eagerly start making modifications and additions - or scrapping them for parts as is sometimes the case. This time, however, we thought we'd try something a little different. 

Myself and another person have been spit-balling ideas back and forth on how to rejuvenate our group's waning enthusiasm and engagement in Magic for about a year, as this conversation first started with the 2017 Commander set. But we didn't really get on the ball enough with it to actually put anything in motion while the C17 decks were still fresh and exciting. So the idea kinda languished in limbo. 

But, another year, another commander release, and now this time we've laid the groundwork to actually run this little experiment. What exactly is this idea you ask? Well it's basically just a fairly standard Commander league with a point system and all that good stuff, but we also have a structure for improving the precons along the way to keep things more or less even between everyone.

One of the issues, a minor one but still present, has always been a disparity in card access. To put it more plainly, we all have very different card pools, and different budgetary restriction on expanding said card pools. Even more plainly: some of us got better shit than others. We are all close friends and have a strong social contract - no one wants to piss anyone off so much that we stop playing together, so it's mutual self-interest to keep things relatively even and fun.

But at the same time, we all still do shit anyway despite knowing full well it's gonna piss off someone else at the table. 

Another disparity is that some of us are a little more... shall we say, results-oriented. Well, I think more accurately, I'd say we're all equally results-oriented, but are focused on different results. None among us is a hardcore "Spike" but certainly some of us are more motivated to win games than others. Meanwhile some of us are more interested in just pulling off cool plays. We all WANT to win, but in some cases we are okay with losing so long as we get to do whatever it is we built our deck to do, before we go down. 

Nothing wrong with any of that, inherently. It does, however, cause some friction now and then. 

Enter the League point system. The idea behind it is, you get points for winning games, but you also get points for doing cool shit. You get penalties for doing things that make everyone feel bad and not have fun. So at the end of the designated league period, you can win it all either by taking down the most opponents or by just doing the most cool shit and having fun. Realistically, your best chances are probably to focus on winning games while going out of your way to do cool shit on the way. But I digress... the gist is, for those who want to win, they get rewarded, but for those more interested in just creating epic moments also get rewarded.

But, in addition to the standard point/achievment system, we're also regulating the process to upgrade these decks as we go along. This part is pretty simple. The first league game will be played with completely unmodified precon decks. Then, after each game we will get to make a set number of changes to our decks. By the end of the league's run, going into our final game, we will have made a total of 25 changes to each deck. This should allow for a high degree of personalization but still keep the core identities of the decks from changing too much. 

25 changes should also allow room for some improvements to the mana bases in these decks. The mana situation is almost always one of the biggest flaws in the  stock precon lists, so affording the group the chance to smooth over the mana issues somewhat will only lead to more fun games and less mana screw/flood. 

25 is also, we hope, a number sufficiently high to allow the option of running an "Alternate" commander - as most of you should know each deck has a "face" commander that is intended to be the main one used, but also two alternatives that can be utilized instead. In some cases the alternate commanders are pretty on-theme, and in some cases they are very different. The hope here is that 25 swaps is enough to make running one of the less thematic commanders viable without hamstringing that deck. 

Finally, the target number of games for this league is 8. If we do further leagues after this, we will likely increase that count, but it also depends on how frequently we are actually able to play games. We don't want a league to take 6 months to complete, but if it does the intended job of getting people re-invested and increasing our desire to play games, then we can look at bumping that number up to 10 or 12 or whatever feels right.

Again this is all a first for us, and an experiment. If the idea proves fruitful but the numbers are off, we can adjust. If it doesn't work at all, then, well, at least we'll all be really familiar with one of the four C18 decks at the end.

Here is the point system we are launching with. As with everything else, this is subject to change based on actual experience - if it ain't working as intended we'll fix it afterward, or even on the fly if it is a serious issue.


• Coupe de Grace – Eliminate an opponent
• First Blood – First player to deal combat damage to an opponent
• REAL ULTIMATE POWER!!! – Ultimate a planeswalker (without Doubling Season)
• The crew – Have your commander and both alternate commanders in play at once
• Spellbook – Draw 10+ cards in a turn (Wheels don’t count)
• Game of Thrones – Become the Monarch or gain the City’s Blessing
• The Varys – Save an opponent from death
• The Mountain – Kill an opponent after they attack you down to below 5 life or have dealt 19 to 20 general damage to you
• The Archmage – Destroy one of each in one turn: Land, Creature, Enchantment, Artifact, and Planeswalker (auras falling off a creature you kill don’t count)
• Dethrone who? – Reach a life total of 100 or more


• The Littlefinger – Control another player’s turn (Mindslaver, etc.)
• Roll for Sanity Loss – Attack with a creature with the Annihilator ability.
• Nuclear Flyswatter – Use a sweeper to kill one creature
• The Ned Stark – Kill an opponent on or before Turn 5
• Hogging the Spotlight – Take a 10+ minute turn
• Glitch in the Matrix – Play any one card 5+ times in a game
• Go to Hellbent – Wipe out one or more opponent's hand (i.e. Mind Twist, or Wheel + Notion Thief)
• Playing With Myself – Go infinite, or take 3 or more consecutive turns
• The Cersei – Kill multiple players in one turn via X-spell or cheese/combo (just attacking with dudes when everyone is at low life shouldn’t count)
• Bastard Sphinx – Hit someone with Magister Sphinx or similar effect (Sorin, Master of Cruelties, etc), unless they deserve it (i.e. they are over 120 life or something)
• The Oberyn – Be killed by an opponent after dealing 19 or 20 general damage to them, or attacking them down to below 5 life

Some of these items have little caveats or qualifiers attached, but these are probably unnecessary, really. Every achievement or penalty is subject to a “Spirit of the Law” ruling. The wording of these is much less important than the intent behind them and the intent should be pretty clear. In general if something makes the table groan it should be a penalty and if it makes everyone laugh or cheer, then it should be worth a point. If something technically counts as an achievement or penalty going by the letter, but seems contrary to the spirit/intent behind the rule and the table agrees, then the point/penalty can be waived. If necessary a vote can be called and a 3-1 vote either way decides the issue.

Personally I don't think the need for an actual vote like that will come up - again we're all friends and we're all just trying to have some fun. But shit happens, so best to be prepared for any problems. 

Some of those names could use some work, too. Open to feedback on that, btw.

Next post, I will reveal which deck I am playing in this league and start talking about my approach to the upgrade structure. Tweaking/tuning/optimizing these decks is one of my favorite aspects of the Commander precons, so I'm excited to get into that phase!


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